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Leadership Roles

School Prefects

At Glebe Primary School we believe children need to experience responsibility in order to help them play an active role as good citizens.

Assembly Monitors

Children in Year 6 with competent computing skills have the opportunity to become an Assembly Monitor and operate the sound system and lap top for some assemblies.

At the end of the year the Excellence in Music Cup is awarded to a Year 6 pupil who has shown commitment to Choir and Band throughout the year, and achieved well in examinations or tests on their instrument.


At our school we have a well-resourced children’s library. Every class visits the library once a week to choose a book of their choice. There is a fiction and non-fiction section and we have a wide range of dual language books.

There is a small team of Year 5 pupils who volunteer to support the library. The pupils are responsible for restocking the book shelves and checking that the library environment is well-organised.

Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders are pupils from across Key Stage 2. To become a Digital Leader the pupils completed an application form and were selected to be representatives. 

Sport Leaders

As part of our healthy lifestyles agenda, Year 5 and 6 children are chosen to be Sport Leaders. The Sports Leaders promote a fit and healthy lifestyle in many ways. They are outside in the playground at lunch times to run and supervise games and encourage children to have an active playtime. They also attend competition matches both in and out of the school to report and promote a healthy lifestyle through activities and clubs.  ​

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