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Club and Out of School Learning Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednedsay Thursday Friday

KS2 Tri-Golf Club

KS2 Gymnastics Club

Junior Band- Invite only

Year 4-6 Tag Rugby Club

KS1 Gymnastics Club                

Year 3-4 Origami Club


KS1 G &T Gymnastics Club -

Monday Tuesday Wednedsay Thursday Friday



Year 1&2 Sewing Club

KS1 Science Club

KS2 French Club

Year 4 Board Games Club

KS2 iPad Club- Invite only

Year 1&2 Dance Club

KS2 Dance Club

Infant Singing Club

Board Games Club



KS2 G&T Gymnastics Club


Monday Tuesday Wednedsay Thursday Friday
Year 3&4 Football Club
(Outside Provider)

Junior Choir

Year 4&5 Netball Club

Year 5 Dance Club

KS1 Cookery Club

Year 4&5 Cross Country Club

Year 1&2 Football Club

Year 6 Booster Club

 Year 1&2 DT Club

Year 2 – 5 Gardening Club

Year 3 Mindfulness Colouring

Year 3&4 Multi Sports Club

Year 3&4 Coding Club

Year 5 Mastermind Club

Busy Bee Club

Year 5&6 Football Club

KS2 Cookery Club


Year 1&2 Multi Sports Club

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