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Pupil Leaving During the School Day

 During the school hours the school staff are legally in loco parentis and therefore must know where the pupils are during the school day. Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises without prior permission from the school. Wherever possible, parents should arrange medical and other appointments outside of school time.  Parents are requested to conform in writing, by letter or email, the reason for any planned absence, the time of leaving, and the expected return time. Where a pupil is collected from the school, parents report to the school office and sign the pupil out of the school. If a pupil leaves the school site without permission their parents will be contacted. Should the school be unable to make contact with the family it may be appropriate, in certain circumstances, to contact the Police and register the pupils as a missing person. It is the parent’s responsibility to make suitable arrangements for dropping their children to school and for collection. Parents must ensure the school has been provided with the correct emergency contact details of all adults that have been nominated by them to collect their children.

Notification of Absence for Medical Appointments

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