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Adult Learning

Glebe Primary School shares its site with the Kenton Learning Centre (KLC). The centre is a well-resourced and attractive venue for adult and community learning. The provision at the KLC is organised and run through a partnership between Learn Harrow, Harrow Council’s adult learning team, and Glebe Primary School.

Adult learners, including the parents of the children at the school, have opportunities to access services and attend a range of learning activities including classes in computing, ESOL, first aid, family learning and basic skills. Some sessions are supported by crèche services.

Further information about the provision at the KLC can be obtained by:


  • Telephone on: 020 8901 2601                                                                                          
  • Online Email: learnharrow@harrow.gov.uk                     
  • Visiting Website: www.learnharrow.co.uk
  • Visiting in person at the Kenton Learning Centre from 9:30am to 4:00pm

Online Courses

During the Coronavirus social distancing, Learn Harrow is offering online learning.



Parent & Child: A Journey to Lifelong Learning

The Parent & Child: A Journey to Lifelong Learning is a popular 11 week course for parents and carers at Glebe School and for members of the local community. The course is designed to equip parents and carers with information about the education system in England and the different approaches used to motivate and strengthen children’s learning and social development.

For further information please click the button below to download our information leaflet.


Injury Prevention Course

The injury prevention course aims to raise awareness on child safety amongst families and minimise the number of children receiving treatment due to unintentional accidental injuries at the local Accident & Emergency. This is a 6 week course which will enable parents and carers to focus on safety around the house and develop strategies to keep children safe from harm and accidental injuries. Parents also receive tips on basic first aid and can follow on to receive ‘First Aid for Baby and Child’ training from the British Red Cross.

Glebe Intergenerational Family Learning

At Glebe Primary School we know how important the role of a parent or carer is in the early education of their children. Partnership with parents is an essential part of promoting a positive educational start for our youngest learners.

Our termly Family Learning programme enables parents and carers to acquire strategies to support their child in early literacy and maths skills. Each interactive session is planned and led by Glebe school staff with the use of practical and creative resources to encourage a positive and engaging learning experience.

The programme aims to develop a better understanding of how children learn so that they are able further progress in learning and confidence at school.

Through increased parental involvement in school life we can continue to improve pupil progress, punctuality, attendance and behaviour.

Maths Workshops for Parents

Throughout the year we offer maths workshops specific to different key stages. At these workshops parents are introduced to how we teach maths at Glebe. This includes going through the expectations for specific year groups, how we teach calculations and how parents can support at home.  We provide parents with resources and ideas to try with their children.

English Workshops for Parents

The English workshops for parents are structured to inform and provide guidance for each key stage. This is a valuable opportunity for parents to work with staff in developing a better understanding of the teaching approaches that are used in school. The sessions are designed to enable parents to support their child’s educational progress and development.

The workshops focus on key aspects of the English curriculum such as language acquisition and literacy skills. Resources and strategies are provided to support children at home.

SRE & PSHCE Workshops for Parents

These workshops are an important way of communicating and supporting parents. In the key stage specific sessions, we will go through the school’s policy on SRE and PSHCE, the statutory components of SRE and how it is delivered to pupils. Parents will be able to ask questions and discuss important issues with the Faculty Leader. These sessions have proved a valuable tool not only to inform parents but as a way for them to feedback to the school. The collaboration has resulted in the improvement of our provision and a better understanding of teaching and learning around sensitive issues.

E-Safety Workshops

These workshops are an important way of communicating and supporting parents. In the key stage specific sessions, we will consider the risks of internet use, how to set up parental controls, understanding how to support children who encounter problems online and how to communicate with children about being safe online.

For further information please contact.
Mrs Prerna Patalia, Childcare & Family Support Team Leader

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