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Modern Foreign Languages

MFL at Glebe Primary School

The rich linguistic and cultural diversity of the local community is celebrated at the school and bilingualism is viewed positively - the cognitive advantages recognised by all. 

The National Curriculum in Primary Languages requires, amongst other things, that substantial progress be made in one language across Key Stage 2. At Glebe we  teach French to all year groups from Reception to Year 6.

Studying languages in primary school provides children with skills that are essential for the twenty-first century. As well as giving them the opportunity to learn a second language, an increasingly important skill in our globalised society, it also helps to promote and develop a broader intercultural understanding. The study of a second language supports children’s general literacy and oracy, by raising awareness of their own language and thereby enriching their understanding of both. At Glebe Primary School, we recognise that learning foreign languages has great value in terms of cultural and linguistic richness in our society, personal fulfilment, global citizenship and understanding.


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