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The teaching staff plan and deliver the curriculum and some staff have a responsibility for leading a particular subject.

Working alongside the teachers is a strong team of support staff including teaching assistants, learning mentors, parent ambassadors, childcare and family support staff.

At lunchtimes the catering team cook and serve the school meals and a team of mid-day supervisors looks after the children in the Dining Room and in the playground under the leadership of a senior supervisor.

The finance administrator, the school administrator and the clerical assistant are available to answer your queries in the School Office and provide support for the day to day management of the school, while our premises team is responsible for looking after the building and school grounds.

Glebe School Staff 2021/22

  • Senior Leadership Team

    Mrs F Anwar-Simmons – Headteacher
    Mrs S Ives – Deputy Headteacher
    Miss E Calderbank – Assistant Headteacher
    Mrs F Fahimuddin – Assistant Headteacher
    Mr G Mori
    Mrs W Keeney

  • Teaching Staff

    Ms L O’Mahoney – Nursery
    Mrs N Krishnan – Reception
    Mrs F Fahimuddin, Mr Shah – Reception
    Mrs A Gill – Reception
    Mr N Scott – Year 1
    Mrs M Samji– Year 1
    Mrs W Keeney – Year 1
    Mrs L Hogan – Year 2
    Miss S Patel – Year 2
    Mrs S Pattni – Year 2
    Mr T Gebbels – Year 3
    Mrs R Halai – Year 3
    Mr P Rackham – Year 3
    Mrs K Gorsia – Year 4
    Mr J Mills, Miss Calderbank – Year 4
    Ms Bhogal – Year 4
    Mrs K Kothary – Year 5
    Miss M Sawicka – Year 5
    Miss K Hawkins – Year 5
    Mrs M Karimboy – Year 6
    Mr G Mori – Year 6
    Miss T Darji – Year 6
    Mrs R Soneji – PPA Teacher / Inclusion
    Mrs A Brown – Specialist Music Teacher
    Mr R Shah – Specialist P.E. Teacher
    Mr J Mills – Specialist P.E. Teacher
    Mrs A Salim - HLTA

  • Teaching Assistants

    Mrs S Ahmed – Nursery
    Mrs R Patel – Nursery

    Mrs V Garara – Reception
    Mrs V Sima – Reception
    Mrs C Statescu – Reception
    Mr A Gede – Reception
    Ms I Golan – Reception
    Mrs C Anthkumar – Reception
    Mrs U Pathmanathan – Reception

    Mrs H Ali – Year 1
    Mrs R Gupta – Year 1
    Mrs B Harji – Year 1
    Mrs T Fan Hui – Year 1
    Mr J Sankey – Year 1
    Mrs R Sugunakumar – Year 1

    Mrs M Bid – Year 2
    Miss F Hussein – Year 3
    Mrs B Mayani – Year 2 
    Mrs B Patel – Year 2
    Mrs S Sivasothrajah – Year 2

    Mrs S Janebdar – Year 3 
    Mrs V Kara – Year 3 
    Mrs B Shah – Year 3
    Mrs R Shameem – Year 3
    Mrs F Diaconu – Year 4 
    Ms D Fernando – Year 4
    Mrs H Gorasia – Year 5
    Mrs K Pindoria – Year 5 
    Mrs H Hemani – Year 6
    Mrs H Savalia – Year 6
    Mrs M Buscuta – SEN Support
    Mrs C Lemni – SEN Support

  • Lunchtime Support Staff

    Mrs H Murphy (Senior)
    Mrs C Chotai
    Mrs S Ahmed
    Mrs H Ali
    Mrs R Gupta
    Mrs S Janebdar
    Mrs B Harji
    Mrs V Sima
    Mrs I Golan
    Mr A Gedi
    Mrs U Pathamananathan
    Mrs C Ananthakumar
    Mrs S Sivasothirajah
    Mrs V Kara
    Mrs R Sugunakumar
    Mrs H Hemnani
    Mrs B Patel
    Mrs C Statescu
    Mrs K Pindoria
    Mrs F Diaconu
    Mrs C Lemni

  • Premises, Administration and Welfare

    Mr P Fathers – Site Supervisor (Facilities)
    Mr M Bumbaru - Site Supervisor (Health & Safety)
    Mrs K Gorasia – Finance Administrator
    Ms V Kerai – School Administrator
    Mrs A Devani - Clerical Assistant
    Mrs G Hutchison – Clerical Assistant
    Mrs J Dixit – ICT Network Manager
    Ms T Hifz – Librarian
    Mrs D Patwa – Data Manager
    Mrs B Varsani – Welfare Assistant

  • Childcare / Extended Schools Provision / Learning Mentors / Parent Ambassadors

    Mrs P Patalia – Childcare and Family Support Team Leader
    Mrs M Bid – After School Club Leader
    Mrs F Diaconu – After School Club Worker
    Mrs G Wilson – After School Club Worker
    Mrs R Patel – Breakfast Club Worker
    Mrs V Garara – Breakfast Club Leader
    Mrs H Savalia – Creche Leader
    Mrs T Hui – Creche Leader
    Mrs R Shameem – Creche Worker
    Mrs R Gupta – Creche Worker
    Mrs R Patel – Creche Worker
    Mr I Golan – Creche Worker
    Miss G Esmond- Advanced Skills Learning Mentor
    Ms P Halai – Learning Mentor
    Mrs H Ali – Parent Ambassador
    Mrs H Gorasia – Parent Ambassador
    Mrs S Janebdar – Parent Ambassador
    Mrs V Sima – Parent Ambassador

  • Catering Staff

    Ms B Kane – Chef
    Mrs N Halai – Catering Assistant
    Mrs R Mohamed – Catering Assistant
    Mrs S Whelton – Catering Assistant
    Mrs B Fathers - Catering Assistant

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